About Welleo Health

Our Story 1

Our Story

The Welleo Health concept started with the idea to offer scalable and practical mental health services that would be accessible and affordable to the masses, not just the few. It grew from the realization that key research-based techniques delivered in 1:1 therapy can be effectively learned through passive formats, including self-help books, mobile apps, and other digital resources. This is achieved by combining technology, passionate and skillful clinical and technical experts, insights offered through research, and most importantly, the willpower/self-interest of individuals to improve their own mental health.

Our Beginnings 2

Our Beginnings

In 2011, Welleo Health founder, Ross Nelson, completed his doctoral dissertation titled “Emerging Technologies in Clinical Practice: Current Trends and Future Directions,” which was the first of its kind to evaluate psychologists’ current use of (and attitudes and interest in) unique emerging technologies (such as VR, telehealth, and computer-based self-help resources) in their therapy practices. While Ross dabbled in the intersection between technology and mental health (while also living and working in Silicon Valley), it wasn’t until 2019 that he launched Welleo Health.

Our Mission 3

Our Mission

Welleo Health’s mission is to improve mental health through digital education. Welleo’s virtual wellness services provide users with access to the world’s best methods and techniques for improving mental well-being, for building meaningful relationships, for developing a satisfying career, and for living a better life. Welleo achieves this by delivering a variety of educational resources, hosted by expert thought leaders and mental health professionals, all while working to make content that’s affordable, accessible, action-oriented, and skills-based.

Are you a technology enthusiast, content creator, thought leader, or therapist passionate about the intersection of technology and mental health? Contact us! We would be happy to discuss our current opportunities!