Learn. Practice. Feel Better.

Welleo Health’s mission is to improve mental health through digital education, and our virtual wellness services provide users with easy access to the world’s best methods and techniques to improve their own mental well-being, for building meaningful relationships, for developing a satisfying career, and living a better life. 

Welleo achieves this by delivering a variety of educational resources, including webinars, videos, and virtual summits, hosted by expert thought leaders and mental health professionals.  We strive to make our content affordable, action-oriented, and skills-based to ensure greater accessibility, and to let people take charge of improving their own mental health.

Rethinking the Delivery of Mental Healthcare

We believe that stigma, shame, fear, time constraints, and the high cost of care have contributed to a global knowledge gap in the creation of methods for improving personal psychological well-being. Welleo’s approaches involve introducing practical, applicable, day-to-day skills that are rooted in evidence-based therapy techniques that anyone can practice, on their own schedule, and make a positive impact on their psychological health.


What We Offer

Virtual Summits

The Wellness Reset Virtual Summit is an annual collaboration of thought leaders, mental health experts, authors, and content creators coming together on World Mental Health Day for an impactful, educational, and healing event.

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Health Education

We offer a wide variety of mental health education content, including virtual webinars, on-site presentations, video training, and workshops. Our psychoeducation services are evidence-based, action-oriented, affordable, and technology-enabled.

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The Science Behind Welleo

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a scientific approach to treatment demonstrated to be effective for a wide variety of conditions and life difficulties. It’s based around the idea that our thoughts affect how we feel.



Psychoeducation is a form of education related to mental healthcare.  It is the process of offering and receiving information and resources to help you better understand your mental illness, and is designed to assist you in coping and improving your well-being.



Self-help involves the process of engaging your sense of agency or abilities, and engaging self-empowerment and interest in self-learning to improve your well-being.

What We Cover

Welleo Health stays on the cutting edge of research-driven methods in support of a wide variety of mental health and lifestyle challenges, including:

  • 1 Anxiety

  • 2 Depression

  • 3 Stress Management

  • 4 Imposter Syndrome

  • 5 Social Anxiety

  • 1 Job Burnout

  • 2 Insomnia

  • 3 Computer, Internet, and Porn Addiction

  • 4 Anger Management

  • 5 Workaholism

  • 1 Parenting Skills

  • 2 Sexual Health

  • 3 Communication and Dating

  • 4 Dealing with Bullies (For Kids)

  • 5 ...and more!